A walk down Queen Street


I absolutely love exploring downtown Toronto because no matter how many times you go, there’s always something new to see, something new to try, or someplace new to explore. A new store opens up. You eat at a restaurant you never even noticed before. You take a wrong turn and you end up seeing a whole new side of the city you didn’t even know existed.

When my friends and I take the trip downtown, we usually end up walking along Queen Street West- a very busy shopping/dining street. There’s tons to do and tons to see on Queen Street. They have many of the popular shopping stores, such as Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, etc. They also have many small, local stores, such as a crystal shop, various fabric stores, and more. You’ll never find yourself short of something to do or see in downtown Toronto- the possibilities truly are endless.


Butter Avenue- the best macaron shop in Toronto


A crystal shop we stumbled into

My friends and I were feeling a little hungry while walking along Queen Street so we decided to eat at the Queen Street Warehouse because we’ve seen it on social media before and we’ve heard really great things about it.

And we certainly were not disappointed. The food was beyond amazing and the price was probably even more amazing. Their entire menu (excluding drinks) was $4.95 CDN. Everything. Everyday. All the time. $4.95. When we first heard that, we were a little skeptical because we assumed that the portions would be tiny and the food wouldn’t taste too great. However, the servings were huge and you got just as much food for $4.95 compared to a regular restaurant, where you would be paying more than 20 dollars.

Amazed by the prices and feeling a little hungry, we ordered 3 starters to share and they were absolutely fantastic. We had the potato skins, a 3 cheese dip with tortilla chips, and a poutine. Even when the food was in my mouth, I still couldn’t believe they offered this amount of tasty food for that┬ásignificantly low price.


For our entrees, my friend chose the Bacon Macaroni and Cheese.


Myself and my other friend decided to go for a good, old-fashioned burger with a side of salad (because we’re so healthy, of course)

032035036031.JPGLooking at these pictures, it’s still a little hard to imagine that each dish was less than $5, and that’s probably why the Queen Street Warehouse is so popular (we even had to lineup for a little bit outside!) Pair your meal with a refreshing drink (or two!) and it’s the perfect lunch. Other than the food, the only downside was that since it’s so crowded, the wait for the food was quite long, although we didn’t really mind since it gave us time to just sit back and talk. Inside, they have TV and music blasting so if you’re looking for a quiet place, this wouldn’t really be suitable (especially on a crazy, Friday night- there’s an open bar inside.)

Despite that, I still give the Queen Street Warehouse 5 stars, simply because of how amazing the food is; it was the best burger I had in a while and nothing can top the cheese dip! I’m definitely going to be going back in the near future- I just didn’t get enough! If you’re ever in Toronto, I definitely recommend a visit here for lunch and dinner. I can guarantee you’ll come out with full bellies and a wide smile plastered on your face. You’ll love it.

Stay tuned for my next post on the Panama Canal!


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