Puntarenas, Costa Rica- Holiday Cruise


An iguana just casually watching the tourists walk past.

067089Costa Rica translated in English literally means “rich coast” and undoubtedly, this area is certainly rich with flora and fauna. The first thing I noticed when our cruise ship pulled into the harbor was the amount of green I was seeing. There was just so much green everywhere.

Our tour excursion today was a Rainforest Aerial Tram and Nature Walk, plus an added authentic Costa Rican lunch. I had very high expectations about this tour because I was excited to see some of the birds and other exotic wildlife this land was famous for. On the tour bus heading from where the ship docked to the rainforest, we spotted a scarlet macaw in one of the trees. Right before we boarded the aerial tram, we also saw a toucan perched up high on one of the branches and an iguana (pictured above) lounging on one of the paths. However, what was a little disappointing was that other than the trees, waterfalls,  and a few unique flowers, we saw no other exotic creatures while on the tram itself. I was hoping we would get the chance to see sloths, various birds, and animals jumping from tree to tree, but that didn’t happen. This might have been because of the time we went and the season we were there. (It was their dry season) After the aerial tram ride, we went on a nature walk through the rainforest where our tour guide pointed out to us various trees and plants. There were also glass cases containing iguanas, various frogs, lizards, crocodiles and turtles. During the walk, we even saw a path of hundreds and hundreds of leafcutter ants.


Spot the frog.


My two best friends.

ScenicPhoto_IslandPrincess230ScenicPhoto_IslandPrincess231ScenicPhoto_IslandPrincess234Nonetheless, Costa Rica was amazing. Way too humid, but it was a blast. The authentic Costa Rican lunch, containing rice and beans, potatoes and fried bananas drenched in a special syrup, was even more amazing. I also suggest a cruise ride on the Tarcoles River. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see tons of crocodiles in the river. No matter what you do and where you go, you will love the land of riches. Just remember: Pura Vida (A very popular Costa Rican term meaning pure life. Everywhere you go in Costa Rica, the locals say this popular phrase. It’s basically a way of saying “hello” or “thank you.” It can mean “everything is going to be alright” or “life is good.”) So pura vida, everybody. Live every day like you’re Costa Rican.



The Aerial Tram in motion



The Tarcoles River


Stay tuned for my next post! Hopefully, you’re soaking up the sun from this post!


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