Cabo San Lucas, Mexico- Holiday Cruise




Adorable sea lions basking in the sun

Ahh, Cabo. The heat. The ocean as blue as the sky. The myriad of fish swimming in the crystal clear waters. The warm, brilliant sunshine on your face. Nothing is better than vacationing in Mexico to escape the cold Canadian winters. (Actually, nothing is better than vacationing in Mexico period.)

396.JPGThis was the Island Princess Panama Canal voyage’s first port of call and what better way to start things off with a bang? My family and I decided to do the Chileno Bay Sail and Snorkel tour excursion with the cruise. The tour guides led us to a great place to a snorkel as there were lots of coral and where there is coral, there are plenty of fish. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get the chance to feed some of the fish.  (Tip: If you go snorkeling or do any sort of underwater sport, bring a GoPro or underwater camera! You’ll get loads of great shots!)



After the tour, we explored the downtown area. Asides from dining, bars (can’t forget the tequila) and local shopping, there aren’t many other activities to do. A water taxi is also a really great idea if you want to explore a bit more along the coastline. If I remember correctly, it’s about $10 US a person (round trip) and the “taxi” driver stops at 9 different points, such as Pelican Rock, El Arco, Lover’s Beach, etc. (Funny story: Lover’s Beach is probably the most famous beach in Cabo. Just on the other side of it, the beach is called Divorce Beach since the unguarded, rough waters of the Pacific Ocean are there.) Many of the water taxis also have a glass-bottom so you can see the clear waters teeming with marine life, but you actually get a better view just looking over the side of the boat.

520.JPG433.JPG436.JPGSo what are you waiting for? Cabo awaits you. Stay tuned for my next Holiday Cruise post (Weather Forecast: Even more sun.)


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