Seeing things through a new lens


Just yesterday, I bought my very first “professional” camera! In my previous posts, I was always using my family’s camera (the Nikon D800). It took AMAZING pictures, however, since I was starting to really emerge myself into the blogging atmosphere, I wanted my own camera.

So I’m happy to say that I bought the… drumroll please… Nikon D5200! What I love most about this camera is that its size is extremely convenient. Unlike the Nikon D800, the D5200 is light, portable and very easy to use. The camera fits right into my hands and the body of the camera isn’t too bulky, either. The lens that I have is an 18-55mm one.



Its small size is extremely good for travel


I’m so excited to start using this camera. This summer, when I travel back to Europe, I’ll be able to take a ton of pictures. Before I start diving into the world of photography, I still need to learn a few things such as adjusting the shutter speed or the F value. Those terms are all still VERY new to me. 😉

For those who are good with photography, any tips you’d like to share?


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