Is it Tea Time Yet?


Just yesterday, I went to this quaint little place on Main Street called “The Old Curiosity Tea Shop.” This place lets you have an “authentic Victorian tea room experience.” It’s a nice quiet place where you can go to eat some food, sip on some delicious tea, and have some lovely conversations with friends and family.

Yesterday was my very first time going, despite the fact that I’m a regular at Main Street. It’s best if you make a reservation beforehand so you’re guaranteed a  seat. When making the reservation,  I ordered the “Afternoon Tea.” It was about $27 CAD per person and the Afternoon Tea is special because everything, other than the tea, is preordered for you. “The Old Curiosity Tea Shop” has over 50 different types of loose leaf teas, all of the best quality. There are fruit infused teas, classic teas, herbal teas, etc. You name it, they have it. I wanted to feel truly “British” so my friend and I both tried the “Cream of Earl Grey” tea. It tasted just like Earl Grey tea, but with a hint of vanilla inside. It was incredible!

The meal consisted of dainty fresh-made sandwiches, as pictured below. The ones on the top tier were walnut and celery sandwiches and the ones on the bottom tier were spinach and cucumber, and ham and mustard. They all tasted AMAZING!


Next was dessert (everybody’s favourite part)! Because it’s a Victorian Tea Room, desert consisted of scones (DUH) along with cream and preservatives for the scones. When eating scones, it’s important to cut the scone in half, put a layer of jam on both sides and a layer of clotted cream on top of that. ( I learned this from a British man while I was on a cruise one year; How to eat Scones 101).There were also shortbread cookies on the top tier along with strawberry tarts on the second tier. All I will say is that when I ate the scones, I felt like the Queen of England.


My friend cutting open her scone!

My friend cutting open her scone!

A scone without the cream (yet)

A scone without the cream (yet)

This was a very fun experience and I’ll for sure be going back in the near future. Maybe next time, I’ll just order the items off the menu instead of ordering Afternoon Tea, because it was VERY filling. If you want to try this, just look up some tea rooms in your area!

For information about “The Old Curiosity Tea Shop”, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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