March for Life- Ottawa, Canada




“When I say PRO, you say LIFE! PRO! LIFE! PRO! LIFE!” 

Just recently, I travelled all the way to my country’s capital for the annual “March for Life”. It’s a peaceful protest in which people walk to end abortion in Canada. This year’s slogan was, ‘let life win.’  25,000 people walked the streets of the city centre, holding signs that said things like, ‘Justice for the Unborn’ or ‘Women DO regret abortions,’ and chanting in favour of life. This is my 2nd year going and I really enjoy it! If you live in Canada and you’re within driving range of Ottawa, I do suggest you participate if you’re “pro-life.”

Abortion is like the elephant in the room in Canada. It’s been legalised since 1969 in this nation. Is it morally wrong to kill a non-existent baby? Is the fetus or embryo even considered a person? Many people consider it to NOT be a person, so therefore, they support abortions. However, let’s not forget that at one time in Canadian history, women were declared “non-persons” and in Europe, Jews were declared not to be persons. Women are also psychologically impacted by the abortion and many carry around the guilt for the rest of their lives.

Of course, I understand why people are pro-choice as well. To be completely honest, I don’t stand on one side alone. I’m in the gray area.

March for Life 2015 was a great experience and I look forward to the one next year!


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