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I absolutely love reading magazines. When I have some ‘me’ time, I’ll just pick up a magazine and start flipping through it. I get super excited each time a new issue comes in the mail and I’ll read the entire thing right away. I’m interested in different types of magazine, however, most of them revolve somehow around celebrities, fashion and beauty. In fact, I plan on getting an internship at a magazine company in the future. I love the design aspect of it, the glamorous pictures, the talk of the new ‘it’ trends, the superb articles, etc. Below are some of my recent favourite magazines.

1. Flare (Fashion, Beauty) 


I recently just started subscribing to this magazine and I can already say that I’m in love with it. First off, the subscription price is incredibly cheap for such a high-quality magazine. It’s DEFINITELY a bang for your buck. There are some superb and very meaningful articles in the magazine. Compared to many other fashion magazines on the newsstand, FLARE actually has a fair amount of words in it. It’s also jam-packed with amazing pictures of makeup or pieces of clothing and features the newest trends- fashion and beauty. FLARE also features stuff from the entertainment world too, such as the latest books and movies that you can’t miss. There are also perfume samples inside the magazine so when you open it up and flip through it, it smells super sweet. I think what I love most about this magazine is that it’s not too filled up with advertisements. There is still quite a bit, as is the same with every fashion magazine, but to me, it isn’t an overwhelming amount. I definitely recommend this one to you guys!

2. Reader’s Digest (Short Stories, Writing, etc.) 


Reader’s Digest is also one of my new subscriptions. I love the size of it because you can take it wherever you go to read, such as your morning commute or to the park. What’s mainly in it is super well-written articles that touch upon a variety of subjects such as health, money, memoirs, family, international events, politics, etc. Some of the articles that I come across leave me in awe- they’re that good. There are also a few good tips in there, such as how to lower cholesterol levels or 25 things you need to know about sleep. The best part? It’s PACKED with writing. There are an extremely small amount of ads, which I think is great. Reader’s Digest is very different from the fashion magazines that I usually read so it offers a refreshing break. It may also come in handy for an aspiring writer like myself. 😉

3. Seventeen (Fashion, Beauty, Relationships) 


Seventeen is a magazine that I used to enjoy reading in the past but recently, I’ve taken a break from it and switched over to FLARE. However, there is nothing wrong with this magazine. I still enjoy flipping through an issue or two occasionally. There are very inspiring articles inside this magazine and great fashion and beauty tips. What I love most about Seventeen is that they give you manicures, hairstyles and beauty tips and tricks to try on your own AND they’ll teach you how to do it. As well, in terms of beauty, they’ll often find the right blush, eyeshadow shade or lip colour for YOUR skin tone. It’s extremely personal, which is why it’s great! It also provides tons of job/internship advice, relationship advice, workout routines, clothes for all body types, and MUCH, MUCH MORE. Seventeen is something that I’ll never get tired of reading.

4. Rag Mags (Celebrity gossip) 


I know some people really hate reading about gossip but, to be honest, I love it (not the extremely rude gossip, though.) I love reading about who broke up with who or who was spotted with who. I also love keeping up with the entertainment world, like the stars of my favourite movies and TV shows. Maybe even a picture or two of the Royal Family. Hey, on a rainy day, I definitely wouldn’t mind cozying up by the fireside with a copy or two of People’s magazine.

5. Elle (Fashion, Beauty) 


Elle is a very popular Canadian magazine. I’m not subscribed to this one however, if I see an issue I like, I’ll buy it in stores. ELLE is very similar to magazines like Flare or Vogue. It’s all focused on fashion, beauty, trends and what the models are wearing as they walk down the runway. Just by flipping through the magazines, I can tell that the pictures are of an extremely high quality. They stand out and are very professional looking. There isn’t as much writing in ELLE as there is in FLARE but it is still an excellent magazine overall!

What type of magazines do you enjoy reading? 



  1. March 21, 2015 / 2:24 pm

    I don’t read magazines anymore… I don’t have enough time haha 😅
    But I love reading youth magazines or scientific ones.
    I like ELLE too, especially since I saw a picture of one of my fav actresses (Emma Watson) on the first page, years ago 😂

  2. probe97
    July 20, 2015 / 12:33 am

    I really crave for women’s glossy fashion magazines their gorgeous sweet scented glossy pages excite me Julia. I especially love looking through those giant September issues as they lie in my lap.

    • July 21, 2015 / 12:34 pm

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Fashion magazines are my absolute favourite.

  3. probe97
    September 15, 2015 / 7:25 am

    Yes julia I especially like the Italian Marieclare and Elle glossies, their publication aroma is addictive as I snuggle in close to the fashion spreads.

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