My Favourite Ways to use Sticky Notes

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I think I have a serious obsession with sticky notes. I’m naturally just drawn to all the different shapes and sizes and most importantly, all the different colours. Personally, I think I just love how professional they look. Sticky notes are a great thing to have on your desk or in your bag, whether you’re a student or someone working at a job. It helps to brighten up your workspace and there are tons and tons of different styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Above all, they’re convenient and can be used for almost anything! If you’re on the go and you’re suddenly struck with a moment of genius, you can take out a sticky note and jot it down. If you feel like you have too much to remember, you can write them all down on a sticky note and stick it by your bed or on your desk. They make it extremely easy to get organized in a fun way.   I’ll be sharing with you a few ways that I love to use Post-It notes.

  1. Sticky Note Quotes and Inspirational Phrases

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These are one of my favourite ways to use sticky notes. This idea is especially perfect for the larger sized ones. I love to research quotes in my spare time and in the past, I would’ve just taken a picture of them on my phone to remember them. Recently, I started to write the ones that I really like on a sticky note. Then, I would stick them onto places where I would be able to seem them every day, such as the wall above my desk or the wall in my bedroom. It adds a great feel to the room and I use them as sources of inspiration for when I’m a bit stuck. Asides from writing quotes on them, I also write inspirational words on them to brighten my day. It instantly makes you feel so much better when you see them first thing in the morning and it’s also a nice idea to leave one or two for someone else. I also write down short story or poetry ideas on them, because those can never be trusted to memory. What’s great about this is that sticky notes come in many different colours which will really make your wall or workspace pop.

2.  Page Markers


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Post-It page markers are probably one of the greatest creations on Earth, especially if you’re a student like me. They’re extremely handy for when you’re studying for an exam and you need to mark certain pages in your textbook. They’re also great for marking down certain pages in your study notes that you need to go over again. Asides from studying, I use them when  reading a novel. If I see a quote that I like, I’ll mark the page with a sticky note. You can even colour code them. For example, you can use a blue page marker each time this character talks and a green page marker for when another character is speaking.

Other Ideas

  • You can write vocabulary words on them and stick them up all around the house to help you remember
  • Using them as To Do Lists
  • Sticking them on your fridge to help you remember what to pack for lunch

What do you like to use stick notes for?

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  1. Kathy
    February 19, 2015 / 2:24 pm

    Good idea, I like it!

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