How to Keep a Journal

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All my life, I’ve been nagged by parents and by peers to start keeping a journal, especially because I’ve told them I’m an aspiring writer. In the past, I would always start with a brand new notebook, write a few entries and then completely forget about it a couple weeks later. I was never motivated enough to stay with it until the end. Starting from January, that all changed. I went out to purchase a new notebook and I put pen to paper. What surprised me the most was that I actually loved to write in it. Once I started rambling, I couldn’t stop. Some of my entries were about 3 pages long. It was such a great way to relieve stress and other emotions. You could yell as loud as you wanted in there, and no one could tell you to be quiet. It was almost like an escape from the real world. What I’ve also realized is that keeping a journal has actually made me SO much better at writing. I can be more concise and I find myself using more complex language when I write.

Some of my favourite journal accessories:

-A blue or black ballpoint pen, preferably fine tipped.
-Page bookmarks
-Sticky notes
-Obviously, my journal.

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Different people have different journal preferences. The one I use is the red one, shown in the above picture. I personally don’t like the ones with the spiral, simply because I find it hard to write in when I get to the sides. Moleskine notebooks are also very popular, because of how sleek and professional they look. A lock and key one can also come in handy if you have nosy brothers and sisters.

When keeping a journal, the biggest question people ask is, “What do I write in my journal?” You can write WHATEVER you want in your journal; after all, it’s your journal! Every thought that comes to mind, every song lyric that you like, every poem that moves you. The biggest misconception people have is that you have to write in your journal every day and that you’re bound to some sort of schedule. That’s not true. I find it actually helps if you write in your journal every other day or even just two or three times a week. You’re more likely to enjoy and appreciate it. Any thought that pops into your mind, just write in down. Don’t focus on spelling or grammar.

Some tips on what to keep in your journal:

-Song lyrics that you like
-Poems you like
-Quotes by famous people that you like
-Shopping lists
-Books to be read lists
-People’s contact information
-To do list
-Reactions to personal situation
-How you’re feeling
-Quick sketches
-Clippings of magazines, newspapers, flowers, etc.

A journal is supposed to be a place you can officially call yours. It’s not anybody else’s. So write what you want to write and don’t be afraid to let it all out. A journal is the one place you can be sure that your secrets will stay safe. Don’t hold back and enjoy what you do. Happy writing!


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